sunnuntai 25. marraskuuta 2018

"Downtuned" is a (direct translation) word used to describe my mood in my psychiatric assessment documents. I'm sure they wouldn't use that word in english, but apparently in finnish it's a thing. And yes once more I have to point out that it's a DIRECT TRANSLATION of the word. Yes you get it. But it's funny like that.
Then I think about the music I have written and try to remember what guitar tunings I have used over the years to do Charming Timur.
Surprisingly a lot of it is just 7-string normal tuning, with occasional jumps down to something like 7-string D-tuning. Yes, with 7-strings, not 6-strings. And then there are a few drop-A tunings with the 7-string which is not really big of a deal whatsoever. Later on I have used G-tuning on the 7-string while having another 7-string guitar at normal tuning for melody/lead guitar purposes. Most of the stuff you listeners might think as "electronic" or "synth" are actually played with a guitar, but with a ton of effects and technique that makes it sound less like an obvious guitar. (Just don't bend anything anywhere and it can sound like a synth, especially if you also tap some of the notes) AND YES there are also electronic and synth parts in my music too...go figure...
And then we get to the more current stuff (Which no-one has heard yet) where I use an 8-string, mostly in standard tuning or down half a step. And then occasionally something like drop D# or E, but not that often. It gets kind of unnecessary and starts to just sound like a bass guitar so what's the point? The bass guitar I have now is tuned to C# tuning... okay this is getting ridiculous!
Who cares what tuning people play in? It's gonna sound almost the same when you play it at home with whatever tuning you have going on. It's a small difference that people obsess a little too much about. Of course at some point 6 strings are just not gonna be low enough, but then again just distort a bass guitar and have a blast!

Fun fact: never owned a regular 6-string guitar. I'm thinking of buying one to be my new lead guitar. Perhaps it would sound better if I buy a good quality one?
"Sound better" and "Charming Timur"... nah, probably not...

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