maanantai 30. heinäkuuta 2018

Ambiguous Mooooon

Life can feel oddly dark even when it's +35 C outside. Loneliness and a heatwave are not the best combination. Yeah in general I'm quite a lonely person, despite however socially skilled or popular I might seem. Well that's enough of complaining, I'll save the rest for my songs.

And now for the actual topic:
I released that album "There is no Going Back" in the early summer with "no warning",  and obviously I'm already planning new material because...why not?... And then there's the secret album or "hidden album" that people get when they buy CDs from me on bandcamp. Well there's only 10 copies so not a lot to go around with, but after that I'll put the album on bandcamp for free download for everyone. 
I'm having a hard time figuring out a) what people would like to hear from Charming Timur in the future, b) what I would actually like to do in the future, c) how should I go about doing new material? 
Focusing a lot more on question C than the other two, my mind is really split between various options and ideas. I could try to start constantly improving the sound quality or I could start doing some really weird...and not to put myself on a pedestal, but to just honestly point out: when I say weird, it's like  double-triple weird for normal people...weird songs. Those won't even need to have improved production quality or they might be impossible to have any of that, because it might be intended to be very noisy. Obviously I could do both, but which now and what later? 

 Going back to the topic of There is no Going Back, which is very accurately described here:
it's an example of what I mean with the improved sound quality. You can download it for free so no-one needs to risk any money in case the album would be unpleasant to your sensitive ears bandcamp link here so this is quite just the beginning, I know I could just put my head into it and also hire professional people to help me out and it would be almost radio quality stuff, but then how much of the original Charming Timur feeling would it have left? And no I'm not worried about "selling out", it's more that the whole idea of Charming Timur was in the noisy (actually rather unique) over-the-top guitar distortion and all the sound-fx on the vocals. 

I doubt that a lot of people care either way. I'm writing this to basically pass the time. Why pass the time when you could enjoy time? Well, I enjoyed writing this, so, my thoughts are in a pretzel. Brain freeze. Be happy even for simple stuff! 

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