sunnuntai 20. tammikuuta 2019

Future of Charming Timur

No worries, I'm not quitting this project any time soon. Just pointing out that I have also started a new project, so it will take longer between releases.
There's a whole bunch of unreleased "extras" that I have written for Charming Timur, that I thought I'd release in a compilation of sorts for free download. I dunno when that's gonna happen. Sorry!

Then there's going to be at least two full length albums and maybe an EP. It will take like forever until all of them are done, but whichever is ready first, I will release this year.

About music videos: there's probably going to be only 3 music videos anymore EVER for Charming Timur, just because I'm too lazy / uninspired to make them. The only exception is if I get SUPER popular somehow, then of course I will be way more motivated to make some higher quality music videos etc... but I don't really see that happening to be honest. CT is just too weird. So there's one music video which I have almost filmed all the material for. And then I'm just saving the idea of making two more after that, just to go along with whatever "hit single" or something I will choose from the highest budget releases I will make in the future.

Yeah I'm tired and depressed so "fuck everything" is my daily mantra nowadays. CT needs a small break at some point so I will be able to come up with new ideas eventually, but I will finish making those two albums and maybe even the EP before that.

And the icing on the cake is that I will make all my bandcamp stuff free for download now, if it already isn't. Why? Why not? I don't know, I just feel like doing so.

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