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Musical Talent and Skill. Does Charming Timur have/NEED any?

I seem to be the only one asking myself this question. Am I actually talented? Do I have incredible musical skills? I have no idea! lol. I feel that those things are not the most important part of making music. I don't even consider myself a MUSICIAN. I see myself as a composer, more of a "Musical Architect". I just create things. Compositions. Musical structures of different shape and material.

Most of the bands and artists nowadays (and even more in the past) thought that making music is about playing music really well, and that if you're not a virtuoso at  your instrument, you don't deserve to be making music. I hope more people will dare to express themselves musically, especially now that we have all the modern technology to help us make music. I've discussed with quite a lot of people about how they wish they could make music, but they just "can't play any instrument". They could of course take lessons or something, or they could just look into just experimenting by themselves with some intrument, and just making whatever sound that they feel that sound good, and then record them. Whether someone else likes the outcome or not is not important. Do what you like, people!

Of course it's useful to know at least some basics of the instrument you're playing, don't get me wrong about that! But I think music shouldn't be only about how well you play, it should be about what you want to express. If you don't have the skills to express yourself in a certain way, you might find another way to do it, which wouldn't necessarily be of any less value.

I only took about 5 guitar lessons in my entire life. I did take singing lessons for like 4 years though, but my throat is kinda fucked up so sometimes it feels like it doesn't help at all, lol. So basically I just tried stuff out with my guitar, synth, synth-programs and drum-machine-program, until my ears started to pick up what sounds go together and what sounds don't.
I do see this all as a journey that never ends, or like a game with endless new levels to reach, so I'm going to try to get better and better.

As a final note, I started my "musical career" doing Harsh Noise / Power Electronics. So yeah my approach to making music might be explained by that a little. My noise project (Whitewater Orgasm) is still active, but I focus more on Charming Timur at the moment. I don't like to play favourites with the musical projects that I have, but I can't do them all at the exact same time.

Why did I write all this? I have no idea... Just felt like sharing. Thanks for reading!

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