torstai 2. huhtikuuta 2015

Promoting myself makes me feel sick.

At least the type of promotion that artists usually go through. Contacting all kinds of shithole magazines to get mentioned or reviewed and posting about their material around the internet. Of course some of that stuff can be great, but most of it is not.

I did hire a PR company though, and they did a nice job, but I feel like even that is not leading to the results I want. Maybe next time I'll just hire a bigger one. All I've really come to realize is that promoting myself, BY MYSELF, DOING SHIT LIKE THAT BY MYSELF, is SHIT.

But being a musician is hard work!! You have to be humble and work hard and play as many local shows as you can!!  - faggot

Well fuck that. I don't want to be humble and I sure as hell hate hard work. Playing live shows that require like 4-5 people is not very realistic for just one man. I couldn't care less about playing live anyway. I guess I'm too "cyber" for that, lol.

I think all drugs should be legalized.

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