torstai 26. maaliskuuta 2015

What genre is Charming Timur?

What genre is Charming Timur?

It's really one of those questions that I don't really have the perfect answer for. I tried to "market" it as a combination of nu metal and post-black metal, since that's kinda what it is on most of the tracks so far. Jumpdafuckup riffs with tremolo-picked melody guitar mixed together. But then there's the occasional moments when it's so messy and slow it's more like sludge and maybe even drone-doom... And let's not forget the "autotuned-highpitch-vocal choruses" that are sometimes quite POP instead of really anykind of metal whatsoever. And then I've taken influences from shoegaze and post-punk, which will probably get more attention on the future releases. There's probably more that I should mention, but I forget... Oh yeah and I also actually had some material with some stoner rock influence, but I scrapped that stuff and never made it public to anyone.

It feels like whoever I present this music to, it's never easy to explain and people often get huge misconceptions that somehow "it's not intentional" that the music doesn't sound "enough" like a certain genre that I mentioned. Of course I should just come up with better ways to explain my music, but it's also a bit dissapointing that when certain people hear new kind of music, they assume that nobody intended it to sound unique at all and it must be a mistake lol. Anyway those people are a rare occurrence, but I felt like mentioning that kind of pointless crap here makes this paragraph look longer.

Maybe I should just start calling this stuff Musical-Disaster or something. 

I appreciate all the people listening to Charming Timur. Thanks all!

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