keskiviikko 12. helmikuuta 2014

Charming Timur

I didn't feel like creating an official website in the most common sense of the word so I just made a blog.

So yeah this is what people have been waiting for: The first actually musical solo project of L.S. Lohi. I'm also involved in Laurasia Awaits Us and TwelveOfConfusion(look out for that one, it's on it's way!) and most of all for my harsh noise and power electronics works under the name Whitewater Orgasm.

 I thought I'd start this up by quoting myself from bandcamp instead of writing differently on every platform:
Charming Timur is a one man musical planecrash not limiting to any genres in particular, but mostly revolving around Modern Metal, Nu Metal and various genres with the word "Post-" in front. Located in Helsinki. 

I made this first album all by myself, CDs printed at , but other than that and a guest artist on track 9, it's all me. Mixing and mastering and just everything. I might save the mastering and such for professionals in the future though...

Buy the physical album or download the album for free:
Charming Timur on Bandcamp

A Brief Moment Of Existence is an audio experiment combining elements from nu metal, modern metal, post-rock/metal, and probably something else too. A rather bipolar mental journey through all kinds of fucked up things going in my mind. Past, present and the future colliding into a confusing mess where things just don't add up.

And here is me doing a : | face with my hair fighting gravity. You might be seeing a lot of that in the future.

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