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What is the point of Charming Timur?

What is the point of Charming Timur?

It all started for me as an intention of making songs that I wished would exist, but I couldn't find anywhere. I wanted a combination of certain styles of music that seemed nowhere to be found. So I decided I'll start making it myself.
Then I slowly progressed in terms of skill and ability and started to experiment with more and more new elements. That's why some of the newer material doesn't sound all that "unique".
The purpose of Charming Timur had changed for me. It became also of a motivational example that I wish to share with more and more people: if I can do this, then so can you!

YOU CAN DO IT IF YOU REALLY WANT TO. So many people out there saying "I wish I could make music"... You got it all wrong if you're just wishing and not taking any action.

Try, practice, learn, study, improve over time.

There's gonna be A LOT OF PEOPLE saying that you're not good, that you shouldn't do music and all kinds of crap. I don't know why this is, but even people who are your "friends" can start saying things like that. The thing is: They are all wrong. It's a confession of their character. That they are weak and envious, and you should really think about it if they are your friends or not.
So many people seem kinda bitter if I ever mention anything about Charming Timur to them, while others are like "man that's awesome, I'm happy for you!". That's how I know who is with me and who is just pretending to be.

So that's what Charming Timur is.

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