maanantai 12. syyskuuta 2016

Future plans summary

Hello all you fun and not-fun people who follow/listen/acknowledge Charming Timur!

This is a short summary of stuff that I have planned for the future of the project.

These are NOT in any particular order. The order in which these "projects" will be executed has not been determined yet. So I don't know when any of these will be released, but they will all be done AT SOME POINT nonetheless.

A full length album focusing heavily on some good ol' Nu-Metal influences, along with some noise and ambient stuff in the mix.

An EP of approx. four songs, which is more "metal oriented" and not really nu-metal at all, so (by Charming Timur logic) it's not going to be very heavy or brutal, but more focused on melodies and such.

A full length album which is quite "Post-Metal" influenced. Or maybe it's Post-Rock... I don't know. It's not 100% any one particular style though. It's a mess just like everything else that I do.

Maybe some other stuff, I don't know... I seem to be saying "I don't know" a lot today. Why? Well...I don't know.

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