torstai 30. heinäkuuta 2015

Charming Timur was interviewed shortly, while taking a shower by some kind of a religious spirit:

How would you describe your process of making the new album?

- So far so good

That concludes that interview. Thanks!

Another topic that is on my mind a little, is why do PR-companies ignore my emails... I completely understand if a label or something like that ignores my emails, or any other artists' for that matter, but PR-companies are customer service and they are paid for their service, so I just absolutely can't grasp why on earth wouldn't they want more customers... What a bunch of elitist commies, not contributing to the free market in an open and productive way. "Oh this band is too unknown, so I'm just not gonna even write a reply, because I'm dumb. Not good enough for my time."
I thought money makes things work, but now you also gotta have some kind of social status too? What the fuck... Or maybe they don't believe I'd pay them? Serious trust issues over there! Okay well let's be a little less dramatic here: They're probably just busy with their current clients.

None the less, this applies:
In what business do grown men and women behave like a bunch of kids?
Thats right!: The music business!

lol I've actually contacted just a couple of places... 

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